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We can’t change the fact that people divorce but we can change the way they divorce.

The Law Office of Piff. specializes in mediation and collaborative divorces, two faster and cost effective ways for people to divorce that focus on the parties and their children. Our divorce lawyers help divorcing and separating couples and families move forward with their lives in a non-adversarial manner. At this time of significant change in your life, it's essential you receive proper guidance from professionals who care. We devote our entire practice to family law and divorce, mediation, and collaborative law practice. With the help of practical long terms solutions, we can assist you and your family in moving forward. In fact, Linda Piff was a pioneer in establishing the practice of Collaborative Law in New Jersey and is the co-founder of the Jersey Shore Collaborative Group as well as Collaborative Divorce Professionals Practice Group, located in Monmouth County, New Jersey.

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Divorce Lawyers with Collaborative Divorce in Mind help you resolve all the issues related to your divorce (Child Support, Equitable Distribution, Alimony) while following your goals and keeping the children as priority.

The professional Monmouth county collaborative divorce team working at the Law Office of Linda Piff knows that divorce is more than just about dividing up assets. Divorce is first and foremost about restructuring the family. Collaborative divorce and Mediation give couples a new option - an alternative to the often costly, time consuming legal battles that occur with most divorces. We always focus on the interests of all family members involved with a special emphasis on the children. Linda Piff is Co-Chairman for the Collaborative Divorce Professionals, a group dedicated to promoting the Collaborative approach to divorce. At the state level, Linda is the Chair of the New Jersey Council of Collaborative Practice Groups.

Monmouth County NJ Divorce Lawyer Linda Piff

Offering Collaborative Divorce As a Dignified, Less Costly Alternative to Litigation

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ATTORNEYS OF THE MONTH Collaborative Divorce Professionals

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In an interview for “The Suit” magazine Linda Piff speaks about the future of collaborative law and mediation as very viable alternatives to the traditional divorce method. She said that both processes are becoming an increasingly sought-after alternative for divorce…
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