We Can't Change The Fact That People Divorce

But We Can Change The Way They Divorce

Learn more about the divorce process and alternatives to the often costly, time consuming legal battles that occur with most divorces. You will learn how collaborative divorce and mediation allow couples to achieve mutually acceptable resolution of all issues faster, while saving money, and without going to court.

Offering Collaborative Divorce and Mediation

Confidential, Respectful Alternatives to Litigation

The Law Office of Linda L. Piff specializes in mediation and collaborative divorces, two confidential divorce processes that focus on the goals of the parties and maintains the children as a priority. Our divorce lawyers help divorcing and separating couples and families move forward with their lives in a non-adversarial manner. At this time of significant change in your life, it’s essential you receive proper guidance from professionals who care. We devote our entire practice to family law and divorce, mediation, and collaborative law practice.

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A Better Way To Divorce

by Linda L. Piff, Esq.

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