At Law Office of Linda L. Piff, LLC we practice collaborative law and mediation which helps divorcing or separating couples reach amicable solutions without court interventions. We know how difficult divorce can be from a emotional, financial and legal perspective. That’s why we are committed to guiding you through the process in the most amicable and cost effective way possible.

Divorce will always remain a significant life event. Our goal at the Law Office of Linda L. Piff, LLC is to guide couples and families to a compassionate ending and a healthy new beginning involving other team members, if needed.


Are You Considering Divorce?

How To Get Divorced Without Going To Court While Saving Money and Protecting Your Children From The Devastating Effects of Traditional Divorce

There is a way to get divorced that will:

1. Avoid court and the loss of privacy, control and uncertainty associated with the traditional process
2. Protect your children and their feelings from the trauma of a court battle,
3. Ensure that everyone’s financial interests are met so that you can finally move on with your life and embrace a new beginning,
4. Save money and time while helping you and your spouse find creative solutions that meet both of your needs.

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