Crunching the Numbers on College Costs

Talking with your children about your divorce can be challenging, but talking with them about college is exciting. College can be expensive, so it is...
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Collaborative Law: Tips, Tricks, and Helpful Hints

The Collaborative Practice is for parents who want to foster good relationships, make healthy traditions, minimize conflict, and save money. If you want to be...
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Divorcing Done Right with Mediation

Mediation is an inexpensive and quick way to settle disputes between spouses. Mediation takes place in a controlled, confidential, and collaborative environment. Through this alternative...
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Child Support 101: A Quick Guide to Determining What’s Included

Tackling child support can be daunting. This quick and easy guide can put your mind at ease by knowing what to include when figuring out...
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How to Talk to Your Spouse about a Collaborative Divorce

It takes two (2) people to have a Collaborative Divorce. Both parties need to hire collaboratively trained attorneys. If you decide to pursue the Collaborative...
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Three Important Things To Do Before Filing For Divorce

1. Educate yourself about different divorce options and how suitable they are for you. Have you and your spouse discussed and agreed upon your divorce?...
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