Who Pays for College After Divorce?

You and your spouse are getting a divorce and you’re wondering how much you’ll need to contribute your child’s college education. Whether your children are …

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Pause Before you Press Send

As technology advances, as does the amount of accounts we have and the amount of time we spend on those accounts. The more time we …

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The High-Cost Of Delaying The Divorce Process In NJ

Delaying the divorce process creates a variety of problems. From financial to emotional, there is rarely a benefit to delaying. However, everyone’s situation is different. …

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10 Tips for Starting the Divorce Process and Sending Your Children Back to School

Your children are headed back to school and you are starting the divorce process. There is no “right way” to handle a divorce. However, it’s …

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emotional baggage

Leave Your Emotional Baggage Behind: Starting a New Chapter After Divorce

You just received your divorce papers. Now what? Whether your divorce took a few months or a few years, many changes likely occurred throughout the …

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Name change after divorce checklist

No One’s to Blame but I’m Changing my Name

You and your spouse decided to separate. Instead of spending months in court, you opted for a collaborative divorce. You both hired attorneys that helped …

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