Collaborative Divorce and Mediation

We cannot change the fact that couples divorce but

Mediation and Collaborative Divorce can change the way

people divorce.

Both Mediation and Collaborative Divorce help the

parties move forward to a compassionate and respectful

ending to their marriage.  Most importantly, these two

alternative methods to divorce keep the emphasis on the

children as a priority.  The parties are assisted throughout the

Mediation and Collaborative process in developing

communication skills related to the children.  It is very

important that the parties develop a means by which they

can communicate so both parties remain in their

children’s lives forever and later their grandchildren’s

lives.  In both Mediation and Collaborative Divorce the

parties come to an agreement out of Court, thus saving on the

amount of attorney fees they would have to pay in a litigated

divorce.  Cases are normally settled in far less time than would

occur in a litigated case  allowing the parties and their

children to begin the process of moving forward with their