Divorce Law Coronavirus Tips: Remaining Calm During COVID-19

A million thoughts probably run through your mind each day. During the coronavirus outbreak, your thoughts have probably multiplied. Your routine has likely completely changed and as have your children’s. It’s important to remain focused on your goals and aspirations during this challenging time.

Below are some tips to help your remain calm and sane during the outbreak.

Remain Informed. There are many news outlets, sometimes giving different information. It can be overwhelming. Stick to trusted websites like the cdc.gov. It’s hard to know what to trust, but follow what your governor says. Remain inside to that extent that you can, and practice social distancing.

Change the Way you Think. It’s disappointing that your daughter’s high school graduation has been postponed or canceled. However, realize that the school is taking safety and health precautions. Use websites like “Zoom” to interact with family members and friends virtually. Have a virtual graduation for the time being. By find the silver lining, you can create a more positive environment for yourself and children.

Practice Meditation. Apps such as Insight Timer can help you clear your thoughts. Meditation can reduce stress, control anxiety, enhance self-awareness, and can generate kindness. Mediation is not always about clearing your mind, but rather focusing. Focus on the good, and project that to your children.

Develop a New Skill. Always wanted to learn how to cook? Get better at yoga? Now is your chance. Many online workout platforms are offering free trial memberships. For example, Daily Burn is offering a 60-day trial and the Peloton App is offering a 90-day free trial. Many of these workouts don’t require weights. If you have an Instagram account, look for various gyms, celebrities, and influencers. Equinox is offering free classes on Instagram Live. Take advantage of these offers while they’re available.

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Thank the Essential Workers. If you’re working, thank you. Grocery, warehouse, postal service, truckers, and many others, are allowing us to move forward during these times. When going to the grocery store, do your best to practice social distancing. If you’re able to work from home, express gratitude.

Create a Schedule. If you’re someone who likes a schedule, make one. Even if that doesn’t include leaving your house, you can still create uniform in your life. Have your children change and pretend like they’re going to school. Give them breaks to create a sense of uniform in their lives as well. If you have space, set up an area for them to “go to school.” Get creative. Decorate the area and have them help.

Make the Best of the Indoors. If this is the first time in a long time that you haven’t had a schedule, you might embrace this change. Sleep in. Cook breakfast. Watch the sunset and sunrise. Make your children breakfast if they’re too young to cook, or have them help if they’re old enough. This could be the perfect time to teach them. Have movie nights and game nights.

This Won’t Last Forever. Eventually, this will pass. Technology has already come a long way. Virtual doctors and possible cures have already come to fruition. Try to stay positive and motivated. In doing so, help your friends and family members do the same. Stress can weaken your immune system, so it’s important to remain hopeful, informed, and sane during these not so calm times.

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