Are You Considering Mediation?

Mediation in Divorce

Mediation is an alternative to traditional divorce litigation that allows couples to come to a resolution of the issues without going to court. In mediation, a neutral party (the mediator) helps the couple identify the issues that need to be resolved and come to an agreement. 

Benefits of Mediation

  • The mediation process can be much faster than a traditional divorce, typically entailing 2-4 sessions of no more of two hours each
  • The costs can be reduced by the parties by both paying one person, the mediator, during the course of the negotiations. Each party will be advised to have their own attorney during the mediation process, to meet with independently to advise the party of their rights during the course of the mediation.
  • The parties have complete control over the manner and timetable in which the agreement is reached.
  • The negotiations can occur prior to the filing of any pleadings with the Court, allowing the parties to focus on the issues while avoiding allegations about the other.
  • It resolves the issues outside of the adversarial proceeding and many find the process allows the parties to maintain a more healthy relationship.

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How To Get Divorced Without Going To Court While Saving Money and Protecting Your Children From The Devastating Effects of Traditional Divorce

There is a way to get divorced that will:

1. Avoid court and the loss of privacy, control and uncertainty associated with the traditional process
2. Protect your children and their feelings from the trauma of a court battle,
3. Ensure that everyone’s financial interests are met so that you can finally move on with your life and embrace a new beginning,
4. Save money and time while helping you and your spouse find creative solutions that meet both of your needs.