Divorcing Done Right with Mediation

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Mediation is an inexpensive and quick way to settle disputes between spouses. Mediation takes place in a controlled, confidential, and collaborative environment. Through this alternative dispute resolution method, a third party, the mediator, meets with the couple to resolve disputes. The mediator will offer advice and solutions in order to assist both parties.

Still not convinced mediation is right for you and your spouse? The parties are in control during mediation. Both parties decide on who their mediator will be, who will be present during mediation, where the mediation takes place, and how the mediator will be paid. Ultimately, during mediation, the judge relinquishes control and places it in the hands of the mediator and both parties.

Mediation may not be right for you if you are intimated by your spouse. Vindictive parties are unlikely to resolve issues during mediation. If a party has minimal knowledge regarding the couple’s finances, mediation may not be the right solution.

What happens if the parties can’t reach an agreement? The parties may decide to go to court. However, the mediation process is great for parties looking to resolve disputes in a calm and fair matter. Thus, as long as both parties are willing to work with the mediator to reach a reasonable outcome, mediating rather than litigating, may be the perfect solution.