Do You Really Want A Stranger Deciding What’s Best For Your Children?

Most parents would never dream of ever handing over the future financial security and child-rearing decisions affecting their children to a stranger. Yet, so many do just that when they go through the traditional divorce process. It was never their intention to put these decisions in the hands of a judge, but that is what happens in many cases when a divorce becomes adversarial.

When tensions run high and accusations start flying, the natural reaction is to defend oneself. The ensuing conflict then creates a self perpetuating machine of litigation. And it’s not easy to get out from under it. Under the weight of bitterness and fluctuating emotions, spouses can get swept up in this roller coaster. The financial and emotional cost to both spouses and the children can be high. The damage can even affect extended family and friends.

Is “winning at all costs” really worth the price of putting the future of your family and children in the hands of a stranger?

Is it really worth subjecting your children to the pain and emotional trauma that can be incurred when divorce becomes war?

The good news is that there is an option that will allow you and your spouse to craft the future of your children of your own terms in an environment that removes the threat of litigation.

It’s called collaborative divorce.

And while you assume the responsibility and accountability for the outcome of your divorce, you are not alone in this process. You will have the help of trained collaborative professionals who are experts in the collaborative divorce process. No one knows your family like you do and no one knows the needs of your children like you and your spouse. In collaborative divorce you control the outcome. You don’t have to wonder what the judge is going to come up with.

If you need the assistance of a collaboratively trained divorce coach to help you with parenting decisions and concerns, they will work with both of you and your attorneys to help you arrive at an agreement that is in the best interest of your children.

Are you interested in learning more about collaborative divorce and how it can allow you to move forward while protect the interest of your entire family?

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