Governor Christie Signs Bill that Saves Children From the Devastating Effects of their Parents’ Divorce

Last week Governor Christie signed a Bill that changes the way parties can divorce in New Jersey. Previously, the New Jersey Senate and Assembly unanimously passed the New Jersey Family Collaborative Law Act.

A collaborative divorce allows the parties to contractually agree to divorce without Court intervention. Often when parties begin a litigated divorce, there is a declaration of war that begins and the victims of that war are the children. A collaborative divorce case begins with a meeting with both parties and their attorneys. Often a divorce coach becomes part of the divorce process and helps the parents develop a parenting plan and also helps the parents develop communication skills so they can co-parent after the divorce.

With 50% of all parties divorcing in New Jersey, it was necessary to develop another option for parties in New Jersey to move forward with their divorce but continue to maintain their children as a priority throughout the process. The need for a way to save children in New Jersey from disastrous effects of their parents’ divorce is a powerful idea whose time has come.