Mediation Can Save Your Sanity and Finances

Collaborative DivorceAlmost everyone has heard about nightmare divorces that drag on for years, pitting spouses against each other and costing thousands of dollars in legal fees. Your divorce, however, doesn’t have to be a war of contrition.  Mediation is a form of marital dissolution that takes the “fight” out of the process and helps splitting spouses come to a fair and equitable agreement.

Divorce mediation allows couples to settle their differences with a neutral third party. While both parties may still have attorneys to draw up the final settlement agreements, the process is carried out almost entirely without attorneys outside of court. Unlike the acrimonious traditional divorce process, mediation encourages the parties to find common ground and come to an agreement that will work for everyone involved.

Mediation is most beneficial for spouses who are willing to work together and who are mature enough to put aside their personal conflicts to come to a fair agreement. It is also beneficial for divorcing spouses with children who will have to co-parent and work together after the process is complete. Because there are no long, drawn out court battles, this form of divorce often saves the couple thousands of dollars in attorney’s fees and other court costs.

Although the mediation process can be a cost and time saver, it is not ideal for some couples. If your former spouse is emotionally immature and determined to fight, you may not be able to use this cooperative form of divorce. When there is a power imbalance or your former spouse is abusive, they may use the process to control you and create emotional damage in your life. In these cases, you will simply need the best attorney possible to fight your case. Mediation can save your finances and your sanity. Find a divorce mediator today.