Mediation clients set the timeframe themselves and can move as slowly or as quickly as they wish to proceed.

However, the average timeframe from beginning to conclusion is approximately four to six months and is dependent on length of time between the sessions, ability of clients to discuss and agree as well as the time required to complete assignments for the next mediation session.

First Mediation Session:

Typically the session is Two hours in length.

1. Mediation question checklists previously distributed to clients is discussed.

     A. Discuss Parenting Questionnaire
     B.Discuss Timesharing. Questionnaire
     C.Discuss what documents are needed for next session.

2. Discuss whether a divorce coach is needed to address timesharing and custody concerns.

3. Schedule next appointment.

Second Mediation Session:

Two Hours

1. Go over Support and Equitable Distribution Questionnaire.

2. Discuss settlement options.

3. Distribute budget forms to be completed prior to next session.

4. Schedule next session.

Third Session:

Two Hours

1. Review Budget Questionnaire.

2. Discuss and resolve support issues.

3. Resolve any other open issues.

Fourth Session – If Needed
Resolve any other open issues

Preparation of Memorandum of Understanding:

1. Prepare draft of the Agreement.

2. Circulate the Memorandum of Understanding to clients via e-mail for review and comments prior to final session.

Last Session:

One hour

1. Review Memorandum of Understanding and make any final changes.

Clients are advised to seek advice from a review attorney of their choice to discuss the options being explored in the Mediation session. As well as to review the Memorandum of Understanding.