How To Divorce Without Going To Court, Save Money, And Protect The Kids From The Devastating Effects Of Traditional Divorce

Considering divorce?

Are you considering divorce? Are you terrified how to make it alone financially or that the children may become victims of a win at all costs court battle?

Hi, my name is Linda Piff. 

I am a divorce attorney and I help people just like you end their marriages without having to suffer the uncertainty and painful drama that is often part of the traditional divorce process.

The truth is…in most cases, it doesn’t have to be like that.

There really is a better way to end your marriage.

Linda L. Piff, Esq.

There is a way to get divorced that will:

  • Avoid court and the loss of privacy, control and uncertainty associated with the traditional process
  • Protect your children and their feelings from the trauma of a court battle,
  • Ensure that everyone’s financial interests are met so that you can finally move on with your life and embrace a new beginning,
  • Save money and time while helping you and your spouse find creative solutions that meet both of your needs.

But first I want to tell you …

Why Protecting Your Family Means So Much To Me

My story begins in 2004. It was then that I became painfully aware of the permanent destruction that can be done when the adversarial divorce process rips families apart and when divorce becomes a declaration of war and the children collateral damage.

I was representing a wife in a traditional court divorce case. It began as a fairly typical divorce. But the usual issues quickly escalated into a nasty battle pitting lawyer against lawyer and husband against wife.

Legal costs went through the roof, the children became pawns and the ongoing conflict aggravated painful emotions like salt in a wound.

By the time the case was finally set for trial, one of the children was living with his mother and the other son was living with his dad. At the beginning of the trial the husband and wife were no longer speaking to each other. By the time it was over neither child spoke to the parent he was not living with and worse yet, the brothers were no longer speaking to each other. One son even refused to invite his brother or mother to his wedding.

It was never my intention to tear families apart during the course of their divorce.

But what inevitably became a declaration of war at the outset of litigation resulted in the children becoming victims of that war.

I wondered how I could live with the career I had chosen.

The truth was I couldn’t.

Not like this.

I decided right then and there I was either going to close the doors of my law practice forever and go into landscaping (I didn’t have any experience in landscaping but I love working outdoors) or I was going to change the way people divorced in New Jersey.

A Better Way To Divorce In New Jersey Is Born

My colleague and I talked at length about the tragedy that we had just witnessed in terms of the family unit.

We agreed to find a way that attorneys could collaborate on divorce and bring in mental health professionals and financial professionals to help the parties as part of the divorce process.

We did a Google search on “collaborate on divorce” and found that our thought process was not unique. Stu Webb had developed an out of court process called collaborative divorce in 1990 in Minnesota. We both agreed that we would try to bring this process to New Jersey to help save families.

We started out with a small group of 10 like-minded professionals in an Ocean County conference room in July 2004. We decided to ask our Supreme Court for permission to practice this type of divorce in New Jersey. Our Ethics Opinion came granting us permission to practice collaborative divorce on December 5, 2005. By that time our group had grown to 28 people.

We then decided to begin training other attorneys, mental health professionals and financial professionals throughout the state. To date over 1000 professionals have been trained. There is now a statewide organization, which I chair, and 9 practice groups throughout most counties in the state.

We worked closing with the Law Revision Commission starting in 2011 and thereafter the State Council hired a lobbyist. After meeting with senators and assemblyman throughout the State over the course of two years and testifying before the Senate Judiciary Committee, Senate Budget Committee and the Assembly Judiciary Committee, the New Jersey Family Collaborative Law Act passed all Committees unanimously as well as unanimously passing on the floor of the Senate and the Assembly.

It is very rewarding to think that an idea birthed out of the terrible results from a trial in 2004 now allows families the option to divorce with respect and can learn to effectively co-parent their children.

Collaborative Law is a powerful idea whose time has come and the proof is in the rapid growth of the practice though out the state.

I No Longer Worry About The Effect Divorce Will Have On The Family

I no longer worry about the effects of litigating a case on my client and his or her children.

I No Longer Worry About The Effect Divorce Will Have On The Family about what a Court might order my client to do which may very well be contrary to what the parties want.

I enjoy coming to work each day. I feel I have left a legacy that will live on beyond my years.

I am optimistic that the next generation of children will live in a family unit that will help foster their growth and not be disruptive and emotionally damaging.

Is No Court Divorce Right for You?

After helping thousands of people just like you end their marriages I know that you have many questions.

  • You don’t know how you will support yourself financially after the divorce.
  • You are worried about the children.
  • You aren’t even sure if a no court divorce would work for you?
  • What if your spouse won’t agree?

The truth is you don’t have to wrestle with these questions alone. I can help.

The hurt and pain you feel due to the circumstances that brought you here are enough to deal with. 

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Linda L. Piff, Esq.

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