Options Available for Ending Your Marriage

Divorce PetitionNo two marriages are ever the same, which is why there are many options when it comes to divorce. It is a commonly held misconception that divorce has to be a contentious, knock-down, drag out affair.

There are several methods available that will allow you to end your marriage quickly and efficiently.


Couples that have decided that they want to work together post-divorce often seek out mediation to help them work out a favorable settlement agreement. These couples may not agree on how to separate assets or divide parenting time and seek out a neutral third party to help them to work out these issues. Mediation is a non-adversarial approach to divorce, can often be quick and relatively inexpensive and often leads to an outcome that both parties can live with. Mediation is also highly recommended for couples with children, as the non-combative environment makes it easy for couples to work together post-divorce.

Collaborative Divorce

Collaborative law is focused on all parties coming to a mutually agreed upon resolution of the disputed issues. It is a process that allows you and your spouse to partner the expertise and guidance of your own lawyers as well as other professionals to avoid the uncertain outcomes associated with traditional litigation while creating a solution that is in the best interest of all parties. It creates a cooperative environment now and sets the stage for reduced conflict in the future.

Litigated Divorce

When the split is unilateral and one person is opposed to divorce, couples often find themselves in the midst of litigation. High emotions often make it difficult for people to work out legal issues like custody, visitation, division of assets and financial support. Litigated divorce can last for years and be very expensive. It is one of the most commonly chosen divorce options, and one that can have the most devastating consequences for children.

There are many ways to end your marriage. Find the one that works best for your life.