The Picture of Divorce in the United States

Divorce StatisticsWhen it comes to love and marriage, sometimes “till death do us part,” doesn’t apply. Divorce is an all too common reality, and there are many factors that make it more likely a couple will divorce.

Divorce Statistics in America

-Alabama and Arkansas have the highest rates of divorce, while New Jersey and Massachusetts have the lowest.

-The divorce rate is highest for couples between the ages of 25 and 29.

-Taking your second trip down the aisle? The divorce rate for second marriages is 60-67%. On trip number three? Statistics show a 70-73% chance of divorce.

-Couples without children have a rate of divorce of 40%, while those with children have a 66% rate.

-Men and women wait, on average, three years after divorce to remarry.

-College graduates are 10% less likely to divorce than those without a high school diploma or less.

-There is a direct inverse correlation between income and divorce. The higher the income of the spouses, the less likely they are to divorce. Couples whose income is below the national poverty level are the most likely to divorce.

-Mormon couples have the lowest rates of divorce, while Conservative Protestants have the highest rates of divorce.

-Four in ten divorced people will later remarry. 60% of these marriages will be to other previously-married spouses.

-Women who marry after the age of 40 have the lowest divorce rate of any other group. Women who marry before the age of 20 have the highest divorce rate in the country.

When it comes to love and marriage, there are many factors that indicate whether a divorce is on the horizon. These statistics, however, are not set in stone and are simply averages. There are many couples who defy the odds and go on to have lasting and successful marriages.